Travel and Logistics

Travel And Logistics

In recent years, there has been an intense battle between Travel and Logistic companies which has promoted them to integrate high-end technologies with their operations. We help such interested organizations leverage technology to win the customers’ heart and minds on one side and to squeeze out some margin points on the other.  Our team of IT experts can develop innovative solutions for global airlines, shipping firms, trucking companies, and 3PL that help them understand their customers and serve them well.

travel and logistics

Here are some of our offerings under this vertical:

Customer Services

We provide multiple solutions for customer relationship management, under which we focus on extracting and retaining clients’ information.

Digital Experience, Marketing, and Loyalty

To enable stronger relationships with each client, we help our customers with responsive web portals and mobile apps.

AI, Big Data and Analytics

With our high-quality analytics solutions, we can provide you with efficient ways of handling a large amount of unstructured data available from other sources, such as website interactions, social media, magazine reviews and so on.

Trip Planning

Optimizing flight schedules and flight trajectories has become a tedious job for airline companies. We can help them with innovative solutions that will aid in the seamless management of crew, cargo, and terminal operations.

Revenue Management

With our revenue management systems, we intend to simplify the day-to-day operations of revenue managers by analyzing and comparing competitor’s prices.