Life-sciences and Healthcare

Life-Sciences and Healthcare

The life-science industry has experienced a paradigm shift over the last few years, the era of patient-centricity being ushered in by the rise of digital health. Thus, to survive and thrive in this competitive world, organizations need to transform and adapt improved strategies. Leading companies dealing in medical instruments and pharmaceutical products are using digital technologies to change their processes and disrupt their value chains. And, most healthcare institutions are trying to create competitive barriers by delivering exceptional experiences to customers. While they had been using information technology since the past two decades to efficiently execute their processes, today they are leveraging advanced technologies to the next level.  Cloud computing, advanced analytics, intelligent software and the Internet of Things are driving advanced business process automation of the life sciences industry.

At Universal eSolutions, we enable healthcare facilitators with patient-centric capabilities. And, by making the use of big data analytics and technology, we help our clients become future-ready.

Our offerings for this industry include:

1)    Improving patient engagement

In the healthcare industry, the last mile is engaging patients to actively participate in their respective health care plans.  Thus, medical practitioners are encouraging the use of wearable, connected health technologies, and the internet of things. We, the team of Universal eSolutions, can provide our clients with a curated system of interconnected devices, applications, and services to deliver personalized customer experiences, which will in turn, drive growth and profitability.

2)    Measuring patient health outcomes

At present, the healthcare industry is highly dependent on the urgency to measure and improve outcomes. We can provide organizations with all the necessary technologies and ideas to measure health outcomes accurately.

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