Education and Publishing

Education And Publishing

We are living in a typical age where the education and publishing industry is undergoing profound changes. Thus, educators, entrepreneurs, and publishers are seeking new ways to deliver a more effective and customized learning experience that improves students’ achievements, that too without splurging a lot of money. Meanwhile, publishers are vying with traditional companies and online startups to find a place in the digital ecosystem of education. This rapid digitization has disrupted distribution and made content available anytime, anyplace, anywhere on any device, often for free. Traditional channels of knowledge delivery are fast becoming obsolete. On the other hand, educational institutions are adopting digital learning models that would have been a fantasy a decade ago. At Universal eSolutions, we have a team of highly-proficient website developers, designers, and educationists who have extensive knowledge about the emerging trends in the educational industry.

We can develop customized platforms for major publishers and educational players around the world.

1)    Online-Courseware Creation

MOOC providers and online tutorials are producing their own courseware tailored to students’ requirements. We are able to develop highly-efficient educational platforms by incorporating multimedia resources. Moreover, our experts can also create customized tools to suit the needs and preferences of different learners.

2)    Big Data Solutions

By providing high-quality data integration and management services, we empower our customers to unlock value from the larger volumes of data that they possess.

3)    Course delivery services

We can provide multi-channel course delivery solutions to educational institutions.